Winter Sesh

Session IPA

A.K.A. The Shenanigator

Shenanigans know no season. Like a real adventure, sometimes you need to mix it up. So it is with Winter Sesh.

Key Ingredients
Grain: American 2 Row, Victory, pale, Crystal and wheat; German Biscuit; flaked oats
Bittering Hops: American Cascade and Citra
Finishing Hops: American Citra and Amarillo
Dry Hops: New Zealand Wakatu

A slightly maltier version of Summer Sesh, this one shennanigates (yes, shennanigates) with the best of them. It’s like having your mischievous cousin visit you. If your cousin’s name is Ale.

Born: May 9, 2015 as Chill Sesh at the first Columbus Craft Beer Week and tweaked in September, 2015 to begin the Winter Sesh Project.

Winter Sesh