Six One For Good Ale

Amber Ale

A.K.A. Damn Brew-Gooder

This one’s all wrapped up delicious conversation. Moderate malt and hops contribute to a refreshing year-round experience.

Key Ingredients

Grain: American 2 Row, Crystal and wheat, British pale
Bittering Hops: American Cascade, British East Kent Golding
Finishing Hops: American Cascade, British East Kent Golding

There are some things a description just can’t do justice for. Some things you simply have to experience. A rollercoaster ride; catching a trout on a dry fly; a game at Wrigley Field; love. Columbus Common is Ohio’s only craft beer which shares proceeds with those less fortunate in our community. Because beer is good, but beer for good is better.

Born: June 16, 2015 under a pseudonym at Smokehouse Brewing Company.