Imperial Pumpkin Porter

A.K.A. The Necessitator

Once upon a time, the Brits were trying to punk us. They taxed barley malt, hoping to make us dry. Out of necessity, we improvised. Pumpkins, indigenous to North America, were put to the test. To our luck, it worked. So who really got punkt here?

Key Ingredients
Grain: American 2 Row, pale, Victory, chocolate and wheat; German Biscuit; rice hulls
Bittering Hops: British East Kent Golding
Finishing Hops: British East Kent Golding
Adjuncts: pumpkin; fresh ginger; Vietnamese cinnamon; nutmeg; clove; allspice

An accomplice to Halloween happenings. This one takes you into later months as your bestie at the Thanksgiving table and beyond. This brew stands up to the chill in the air that precedes the howls of winter. What was once brewed as a necessity, today is brewed as an homage to tradition.

Born: October 2, 2013 at Smokehouse Brewing Company.