Winter Ale

A.K.A. The Dreamer

Living life in peace… the season invites reflection, even as it revels in family and holiday traditions. We wanted to brew a beer that transcends even that.

Key Ingredients
Grain: American 2 Row, pale, Crystal and wheat; flaked oats
Bittering Hops: American Cascade, German Hallertau
Finishing Hops: American Cascade, German Hallertau
Adjuncts: fresh ginger; Vietnamese cinnamon; orange zest; raw Ohio honey; licorice bark; juniper berries

This one has depth, almost mocking you to discern all of the ingredients. As it should be. The sum here is greater than any one of its parts. As you take a sip, perhaps you’ll take the time to consider that Mankind is no different. At the very least, perhaps you can imagine it. Easy, just try.

Born: December 3, 2015 at Smokehouse Brewing Company, a few days before the 35th anniversary of John Lennon’s passing.