Pale Wheat

A.K.A. The Sneak

This one is sneaky. Curled up, it looks as serene as a field of rustling morning wheat, yet when it stretches out in the rising sun. It makes its presence known with a kick of pale malt. Springing at you with luscious tropical notes and the bitterness that can only be achieved by surprise. Mee-yow.

Key Ingredients
Grain: American 2 Row, pale and wheat; German Biscuit; rice hulls
Bittering Hops: American Amarillo and Citra
Finishing Hops: American Amarillo and Citra
Dry Hops: American Mosaic and Citra

Feline behaviors can be hard to grasp. Random sprints, kneading paws, twitching ears, and scratches. Hoptopus is no different. Easily approachable, it does things to you that only your inner circle can comprehend. Medium body and a calico, blonde/orange haze. It’s a slightly meltier wheat that includes a hip dose of hops. A story as complicated as this beer is straightforward.

Born: April 29, 2007 and tweaked on March 24, 2015 at Smokehouse Brewing Company.