Czech, Please


You now have a Pilsner brewed like it was before Prohibition. Honest ingredients without resorting to adjuncts.

Key Ingredients

Grain: American 2 Row, Crystal and Vienna
Bittering Hops: American Columbus
Finishing Hops: Slovakian Saaz

There are some things you just shouldn’t do to a beer. Like add corn or rice to raise ABV on the cheap. These adjuncts don’t add a bit to flavor, so why use them? Commonhouse doesn’t do cheap. We do honest.

Born: December 2017 as a 1/6 barrel test batch, inspired by a supposed pre-Prohibition Stroh’s recipe at Smokehouse Brewing Company. We followed with another test batch, this time 5 barrels in early 2018. We decided to go for it at Commonhouse Ales, and launched it on May 17, 2018, but not before we previewed it at Six One Pour at Huntington Park the prior weekend.