Berliner Weisse

Who is Scarlet? Why, she’s every one of us. While we present ourselves outwardly, we have a depth of feelings we don’t always show. Scarlet reminds us, “You

Six.One For Good Ale

Ohio Commmon Ale

“Oh, look yonder! That’s a spot!” Weaving in, through, and around, up, down the wrong way, reverse in a driveway. The friends gave up and returned home, they didn’t feel like going out anyway. Available year-round.

Summer Sesh

Session IPA

A recent escapee, “The Rooster” used his human legs to roundhouse kick down the farmhouse door. There, he found all that was left of his beloved rock collection, Henrietta. Available April through September.


Imperial IPA

Bill, the lead flautist of the “Snake Skin Suit Experience” lost a bet to his longtime friend, Sheep. Now, all that was Bill’s belongs to Sheep. Available February through April.


Pale Wheat

Upon this expert diver’s casual stroll through deep space, she finally discovered where all the missing socks have gone. Into Hoptopus’ hideout. Available May through July.

Winter Sesh

Session IPA

What a seemingly average vision quest led our hero to the summit of the rocky road ice cream slopes. She finds herself in front a delicatessen. At long last, corned beef sandwiches for all. Available October through March.


Imperial Pumpkin Porter

The morning after the graveyard party, hosted by his former landlord, The Raven, Vincent (or Skeleton Price) left feeling like he was donated to science all over again. Available August through October.


Winter Ale

With the previous eve’s roller derby revitalizing his perspective, he awoke with newfound love. From now on, he feels the world can live as one. Available November through January.