Czech, Please


Our Pilsner is brewed as it was prior to new-fangled technology and techniques. The result is a Pilsner where taste doesn't drop off as soon as you swallow it. Instead, a subtle hoppy note lingers. We don't just focus on taste. Aftertaste is just important to us. The difference is in your glass.

Six One For Good Ale

Amber Ale

A crisp amber ale that expresses a light maltiness with just a hint of fruitiness to round out your every day go-to. Feel good as this one goes down because a potion of sales go to central Ohio charities. Available year-round.

IPA For The People

American IPA

A fresh IPA that balances bitterness with tropical aroma hops, as deemed fit by central Ohio beer geeks.


Berliner Weisse

Who is Scarlet? Why, she’s every one of us. While we present ourselves outwardly, we have a depth of feelings we don’t always show. Scarlet reminds us, “You be you.”


Imperial Pumpkin Porter

Hearkening Colonial America, when traditional ale ingredients weren't always available, pumpkin is indigenous to North America and was widely used to make beer in the 1700s. This one is as worthy at your Halloween party as it is on your Thanksgiving Day table. Available August through October.


Winter Ale

With the previous eve’s roller derby revitalizing his perspective, he awoke with newfound love. From now on, he feels the world can live as one. Available November through January.